Net Entertainment Casino

Net Entertainment CasinoTM is a complete online gaming solution for casino and online gaming operators, from Net Entertainment, which is one of the most successful and biggest online casino suppliers, and counts some of the top online casinos amongst its large customer base. Net Entertainment also doesn’t have its own casino so isn’t in competition with its customers, and allows it to be more focused on developing the best games and providing a truly excellent service.

Net Entertainment CasinoTM offers a large range of more than 150 games including slot machines, virtual horse racing, classic table games and much more. Games can be played on a variety of devices including desktop computers and mobiles. It is proud of being at the forefront of casino game development, investing heavily in its technology to develop some of the best 3D graphic design and animation, which combined with ingenious new ideas and clever features leads to regular new and better games.

A lot of research and development goes into the development of each game. Extensive analysis is done to determine what players in each gaming segment actually want from the games they play, then a carefully crafted product is designed by a highly skilled team who are genuinely passionate about casino gaming.

The result of all of the research and game development is self-evident; happy customers and very favourable comparisons with other casino systems and suppliers make the Net Entertainment CasinoTM the de-facto industry standard.

One of the key features of the Net Entertainment CasinoTM is its extremely high Return To Player (RTP) ratio, which is in the region of 95-98%. The extremely generous player returns mean that players play for longer and spend more, which has increased the Average Return Per User (ARPU).

The games are however only one half of the product. Equally important is the Net Entertainment CasinoTM back end system which is used to handle all of the financial transactions and manage all of the day to day operations of the casino. Net Entertainment Casino’s back end system handles billions of transactions every quarter, which equates to billions of Euros in wagers. Consequently, constant uptime, reliability and security are essential features of the back end, and something that Net Entertainment are heavily focused on.

To round things off, Net Entertainment CasinoTM provides the majority of its customers with monitoring, hosting and support services, and since 2011 a disaster recovery service also, so that customers can concentrate on their core business of managing their casino, safe in the knowledge that the little things are being looked after and their business is fully protected.

Net Entertainment is a multi-award winning outfit. In 2013 it won a hat-trick of prizes at the prestigious 2013 EGR B2B Awards, including winner of Innovation in Slot Provision, Mobile Supplier of the Year, and Innovation in Mobile. It was also in the highly recommended category for Slot Provider of the Year. This following on from 2012 in which Net Entertainment won Innovation in RNG Casino Software & Innovation in Slots Provision awards. It also won Innovation in RNG Casino Software in 2010 & 2011 too, making 2013 the fourth consecutive year of winning at the EGR B2B Awards.

As a multi-award winner with robust, reliable back end systems and a large catalogue of some of the best & most innovative games in the industry, Net Entertainment CasinoTM really is the first choice online casino supplier.