Net Entertainment Live Casino

Our focus on genuine innovation is deeply apparent through the Net Entertainment Live Casino, our state-of-the-art online gaming solution and overall experience that feels completely authentic and real. Our live centre is based in Malta with a solid choice of games to play. Where there is a dealer, this is an actual person there in real time and players can not only interact with the dealer, but with each other too. This provides a real-timing gaming experience based around a true experience for the players and rapport builds, holding players to certain tables as they develop relationships with each other and the dealer. The player experience and interaction is augmented by the platform used and is far more engaging than a computer generated dealer image used by so many of our competitors.Of course, some players prefer automatic gaming to avoid waiting and we provide this in addition, to give players more freedom of choice. Even for live dealers, by using the most current and developed technology available, the play is fast which allows for higher wagering totals and better rewards.
The Net Entertainment Live Casino interface is incredibly user-friendly. The main screen on each gaming table provides pertinent information for that individual player, including their balance and their wager and win. These are all clean; no messy tabs or complicated buttons. It is literally as if the player is there, yet in the comfort of their own home. Players will find this system fun and positive to use, even if they are new to the game or interface. Everything is clear and there is support to help with any problems arising.

The Net Entertainment Live Casino has so many benefits for operators wishing to utilise our interface; most importantly that gameplay is extremely reliable and of high quality by using the very latest streaming technology available worldwide to avoid the regular interruptions our competitors face. As for your branding, this can be fully integrated using Chroma Key Technology allowing you to build a reputation and loyalty from your own players, built on the back of our ground-breaking services. Our tables are open continuously twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to ensure gameplay is always available for our players, whatever continent they are from. We offer gameplay in either English or Italian with native speakers and support is openly offered in 24 languages to allow issues to be resolved easily. We support 27 different currencies, to be as flexible as possible for players and in order to offer a worldwide service to your customers.

There are two games we currently have online. The first is roulette which is Europe’s most popular table game and this can be the French or European style with the real dealer or the automated system. In our version of roulette, players can bet during the spin should there be a change of heart or compulsion to wager. In addition the camera angle can be readjusted, just like moving around the gaming table. The second game is blackjack, either common draw or live versions. These use Shufflemasters card shufflers for fast and effective card shuffling to make gameplay even faster.

There is just no other interface that comes close to the Net Entertainment Live Casino for innovation, spectacular gameplay and player interaction.